Units will see no disruption to their regular unit meetings, activities, and support services during the implementation. All scheduled year-round activities, including summer camp, will occur as planned. 

Looking forward, we have established some ambitious goals to guide our future success:

  • District Boundaries – In order to maintain continuity of service and identity for our units, all of our Scouting districts would remain the same, with no change in boundaries during the implementation.
  • Manpower  Have a fully staffed district committee, a commissioner staff with a 1:3 commissioner to unit ratio, volunteer membership grow by 1% per year after year 1.
  • Membership Growth   Youth membership is assumed to grow by 2% in year 2 and 5% per year after that, with an increased focus on Cub Scouting. We anticipate additional growth with the introduction of Family Scouting.
  • Balanced council Budget  Revenue growth is assumed to grow 8% by year 5, while decreasing non-salary expenses by 26% by year 5.
  • Camp/Program – We will create a dynamic, self-sustaining, and growing year-round camp program at all camps. We will  increase Boy Scout camping participation, create and grow effective Cub Day Camp programs, and partner with outside groups to increase our camp usage.