To our Scouting family,

Just before the Holidays last year, we communicated to the Scouters of central Massachusetts (Mohegan and Nashua Valley Councils) regarding the actions being taken to validate the reasons for consolidating into one council to better serve the youth in our communities.

The Executive Boards of each council have voted unanimously to combine.  With great confidence that this is the right step, we now embark on preparing for the corporate members of each council (Chartered Organization Representatives and At-Large members) to vote approval of the “Plan of Merger”.  These voters represent the almost 8,000 youth and 3,000 volunteers served in central Massachusetts.

Our programs are growing!  Both councils are experiencing sustained membership growth, along with the growth expected as we add girls to our Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs.  We can see that changes must be made to maintain program excellence.  Consolidation into one council will provide the critical mass to meet these welcome challenges.

The support of all stakeholders (Scouts, families, Scouters, Chartered Organizations) will develop only if we fully share all the information available that compels us to follow this course.  On this website you will find the proposed Plan of Merger, “A Case to Better Serve the Youth of Central Massachusetts”, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), contact information for the Executive Boards, a schedule of “Fireside Chats” and a notional timeline.

Many of the details that this significant undertaking will involve cannot and will not be settled before the vote by each council (now scheduled for the end of May).  We have, however, made careful note of the questions and decisions that will need to be addressed.  Your input, your concerns, your good ideas are all earnestly solicited and welcomed.  This interchange with those we serve will not end with an affirmative vote; successful implementation will surely benefit from continued involvement by those most interested.

We, the Key 3 for each council, encourage you to tune in, communicate, participate and help make Scouting in Central Massachusetts an even more vital and flourishing movement for the development of our next generations of engaged, responsible and well-“Prepared for Life” citizens.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting!

We remain yours, in Scouting service,

Rochelle Ray, President, Mohegan
Harry A Pape, President, Nashua Valley

Frank Ardinger Commissioner, Nashua Valley
Robert Shamgochian, Commissioner, Mohegan

Jeff Hotchkiss, Scout Executive, Mohegan
Gary Savignano, Scout Exec, Nashua Valley