Heart of New England Council, BSA

New England is often characterized by close-knit communities, a pioneering spirit, and both the values of independence and fellowship. The cities and towns of Central Massachusetts, carved out of the frontier by the earliest pioneers, shaped during the birth of the Republic, tempered through industrial innovation, and now, evolving to meet the challenges of the 21st century, epitomize the spirit of New England.

These same characteristics find easy complements in Scouting. New England’s near four hundred year-old history of town meetings and direct democracy are echoed in Scouting’s aim to help young people become active, responsible, and participating citizens. Our long tradition of close neighborhoods and community involvement reflect a Scout’s responsibility to help other people at all times. The work ethic and innovation that drove the growth of our mill towns during the Industrial Revolution – and today drives a boom in entrepreneurism, technology, and healthcare – is the evolution of the values we’ve inherited that seek creative solutions to common challenges, and is mirrored in the Cub Scout Motto – Do Your Best.

Located at the crossroads of most major arteries, our Council is the heart of the region. Drawing on our shared history, tradition, and the values that make New England strong, our new Council will give all the youth of our communities the opportunity to realize the Promise of Scouting and inspire their hearts to become the leaders of tomorrow.