On May 30, 2018, the Nashua Valley Council annual meeting approved the merger proposal. On May 31, 2018, the Mohegan Council annual meeting also approved the merger proposal.

After many months of discussion and careful consideration by a team of Scouters from Mohegan and Nashua Valley Councils, in March of 2018 the boards of both councils voted to accept the team’s recommendation that Nashua Valley Council and Mohegan Council form a combined, single council that would be better able to support our units and grow Scouting in our communities.

We are grateful to our Scouts, parents, unit leaders, volunteers, and community partners who took advantage of the opportunities to ask questions, raise concerns, and offer suggestions throughout the study process. We value your thoughtful and constructive feedback; it has informed not only the study process, but will also give guidance to the council leadership as we develop new plans to better serve Scouting in our area.

On the evening of Wednesday, May 30, 2018, the voting members of the Nashua Valley Council met at the annual meeting of their council to vote on the merger proposal. On the morning of Thursday, May 31, the voting members of the Mohegan Council likewise met in the annual meeting of their council to vote on the proposal. At these meetings, chartered partner representatives and council members at-large voted to accept their boards’ recommendations to merge the Nashua Valley Council and Mohegan Council, creating a combined central Massachusetts council. As part of affirmative vote for the merger, Rochelle Ray will serve as the president of the merged council, and Frank Ardinger will serve as the council commissioner. The initial board of directors of the merged council will consist of an equal number of the current council officers of both the Mohegan and Nashua Valley Councils.

In the coming weeks, implementation teams will be formed with volunteer representatives from both councils to begin the process of joining our two councils together, with the goal of launching a combined council by early fall 2018. Throughout this implementation period and beyond, we will continue to serve local Scouting units: unit meetings and activities will continue; volunteer committees will run scheduled activities and training; fundraising initiatives will continue; and Camp Split Rock, Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, and Camp Wanocksett will deliver outstanding summer programs. Each council’s professional and support staff will be available to help you as usual, and the Scout Shop in Lancaster and council store in Worcester will remain open to serve your needs.

We are committed to open and transparent communication throughout the establishment of our combined council. We will share a timeline of next steps; continue to answer questions and solicit suggestions; and highlight opportunities for all interested people to contribute to this next evolution of Scouting in our communities.

Our bright future will only be possible with the continued support of our volunteers, partners, and families. Young men and women of all ages need the adventure, values, and personal development that Scouting offers more so than ever before. As the newly combined council, we will be well-positioned to better serve our units in delivering Scouting’s promise to as many young people as possible for generations to come.