If the outcome of both special meetings is a “yes” vote, then we will move ahead with consolidation. If it is “no”, we will go our separate ways having learned a great deal from this process.

If we vote to proceed with this consolidation the implementation phase would occur throughout the remainder of 2018.

March 2018

Executive Boards of Nashua Valley council and Mohegan council vote to approve consolidation

April/May 2018

  1. Town hall meetings, and additional meetings as requested.
  2. May 30 – Nashua Valley Council vote to approve consolidation.
  3. May 31 – Mohegan Council vote to approve consolidation.

June/July 2018

  1. Nominating committee recommends a new board of directors and officers.
  2. Implementation committee develops new by-laws.
  3. Selection committee interviews and hires new Scout Executive.
  4. Recommendations accepted for a new council name.

July/August 2018

  1. The Executive Board members approve new name based on input from members of the combined council. They would approve, bylaws, Board of Directors and officers.
  2. Committee chairs appointed and committee integration work begins.

September 1, 2018

New council formally launched